Bret Michaels Brain Hemorrhage

bret michaels

After a stint in a Texas hospital to undergo an appendectomy earlier this month, Bret Michaels has been placed back under medical care after suffering from an apparent brain hemorrhage. Michaels was rushed to the emergency room Thursday after having suffered a series of intense headaches. Doctors at the hospital conducted various brains scans on the former Poison vocalist and found that Michaels had suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or internal bleeding that occurs near the brain stem. According to the latest reports, Michaels continues to be monitored in the intensive care unit as doctors try to pinpoint the exact cause of the hemorrhage. There have been no confirmed reports that his appendectomy surgery may have had an influence on his present medical condition.

Michaels, who suffers from Type-1 diabetes was most recently featured in the NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” where he chose the American Diabetes Association as his charity of choice. We will continue to closely monitor any updates that come through about the star’s condition, and will post them hear. For now, our hearts are with his family and we hope that he can pull through this unexpected hurdle.

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