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Sidwell Friends School Washington DC – Obama’s School of Choice

Internet surfers have developed a sudden interest in Sidwell Friends School Washington DC, and as always we have some info to give for those interested in the topic. According to their website, the Sidwell Friends School Washington DC is a Pre-12 private school that has campuses in Maryland as well as Washington. The Sidwell Friends… Read More »

Sarah Palin Vice President – Democrats Rejoice

In an unexpected move, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate today. However, the Sarah Palin vice president move is expected to backfire on McCain. Democrats are outraged that McCain would employ such tactics in an effort to sway distraught Clinton voters to vote Republican in November. Women,… Read More »

John Edwards admits affair with Rielle Hunter

“John Edwards admits affair” is the headline that numerous publications are blasting after John Edwards admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter. Edwards admitted that he lied about his affair with Rielle Hunter, which was going on during his wife’s (Elizabeth Edwards) battle with cancer. Edwards, however, denies that he had a child with… Read More »

Ron Paul, Hiliary Clinton get similar traffic referrals

When it comes to the presidential campaign sites of Hilary Clinton and Ron Paul, nobody would guess that the two would have anything in common. A website traffic measurement firm says otherwise. According to the firm, both sites are receiving their greatest amount of traffic from Myspace, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, and of course Google. Without… Read More »

White House and VP office subpoenaed

The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Dick Cheney’s office along with the White House for documents pertaining to Bush’s espionage program. The Committee is searching for documents that may show whether disputes existed over the legal nature of the program. Committee chair, Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) claims that this was the committee’s last resort for obtaining materials… Read More »

Bush vetos stem cell bill

Bush vetoed a stem cell bill for the second time today, keeping federal funds from researchers and not easing on any previous restrictions on stem-cell research. He is encouraging scientists to be “ethically responsible”. I’m sure he’s going to regret this when in several years he gets Alzheimers or some other currently incureable disease.

Duke lacrosse D.A. disbarred

Duhram District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred Saturday after an investigation by the North Carolina State Bar found that he violated several ethnic rules in the case against 3 Lacrosse players. The panel’s investigation found that Nifong withheld key pieces of DNA evidence from defense attorneys and lied multiple times to both the judge and… Read More »