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Joe Biden F-bomb

Vice president Joe Biden had some trouble holding his excitement in during the signing ceremony for the “landmark” health care legislation that got passed by the House Sunday. Biden, in yet another of his memorable moments was caught whispering to Obama saying something to the effect of “this is a big fu#king deal” as Obama… Read More »

John Boehner – Health Reform Dissapointment

It seems like a rare occurrence that you find a politician these days that actually has the interest of his/her constituents in mind. From what we can tell, John Boehner, like many others is the antithesis to this naive, idealist notion of a politician. Boehner commented today on the passage of “landmark” health care reform… Read More »

Joel Sokol Georgia Tech Predictions

DOWNLOAD THE BRACKET According to Joel Sokol of Georgia Tech, UNC is slated to win the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament this year. Joel Sokol Georgia Tech along with associates have devised a statistical formula which has successfully predicted the winner of the tournament in the past. There have been numerous models used for attempting to… Read More »

Gen. Eric k. Shinseki – Obama Pick

President-elect Barrack Obama has chosen Gen. Eric k. Shinseki to head the Department of Veterans affairs. Reports allege that Gen. Eric k. Shinseki will be welcomed to the administration tomorrow. The story of Gen. Eric k. Shinseki introduction into the administration was leaked today by a party official. Gen. Eric k. Shinseki is 66 years… Read More »

Luci Baines Johnson – Applauds Obama

Luci Baines Johnson, the daughter of Lyndon Johnson, congratulated president-elect Barack Obama for his historic win during the 2008 presidential election. Luci Baines Johnson was celebrating the win at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, where crowds began screaming upon hearing the news that Barack Obama had won the election. Luci Baines Johnson quoted the moment… Read More »