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Lean Cuisine Recall

Nestle, the makers of the popular low-fat Lean Cuisine, are recalling some 900,000 pounds or lean cuisine meals. The motive behind the Lean Cuisine Recall stems from customer complaints that small blue plastic pieces were scattered throughout their meal. Whether these blue plastic pieces that triggered the Lean Cuisine Recall are dangerous remains to be… Read More »

Amanda Collette – Dillard High School Student Murdered

Pictured Left: Teah Wimberly (15), charged with first degree murder and discharging a weapon on school grounds, poses for a Myspace photograph. Pictured Bottom: Amanda Collette, victim, posing in personal photograph. Amanda Collette, a 15 year old pupil from Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida fell victim to a school shooting today, and unfortunately… Read More »

Boy suffering from cherubism undergoes surgery

Kaden Reiserson, a five year old from Minnesota recently underwent surgery to cure his condition known as cherubism. The condition, which affects the lower regions of the face, usually doesn’t conflict with a patient’s lifestyle. However, in Reiserson’s case, the cherubism made it difficult for him to both eat and breathe. Cherubism, is characterized as… Read More »