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Former Harvard Student Faces Criminal Charges

A quick glance at Adam Wheeler’s credentials would have impressed most anyone at first glance. At 23 years of age, Wheeler had already attended some prestigious institutions including MIT and Phillips Academy, won numerous awards, and collaborated on several books. Harvard found Wheeler’s accomplishments equally impressive and offered him a full ride at the university.… Read More »

AP English Language and Composition Exam

Students across the country are prepping for the AP English Language and Composition Exam that is set to be administered tomorrow. This course, typically designed for senior students in high school, is the equivalent of second year English course at the college level. Students who manage to successfully pass the test with a score of… Read More »

Dow Jones 1,000 Point Dip Under Investigation

The Securities and Exchange commission is still investigating what exactly caused a 1,000 point dip in the Dow Jones industrial average Thursday. Reports continued to circulate Friday that a computer glitch may have been at the center of the problem, although those close to the investigation have not confirmed these reports. The glitch is rumored… Read More »

Continental and United Merging

Two of the country’s biggest airlines, Continental Airlines and United Airlines, have announced their intentions to merge, effectively becoming the largest airline. The announcement comes after talk between the two companies ended on the issue came to a standstill in April of 2008. Employees and customers to both airlines have responded with mixed feelings. Some… Read More »