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Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest DEAD

Major media outlets are reporting that Michael Jackson has died as a result of cardiac arrest. According to paramedics, the entertainer was found dead inside his home. Paramedics attempted to revive him on his way to UCLA Medical Center, however, were unsuccessful. Jackson was 50 years old. According to, Jackson suddenly collapsed at his… Read More »

Walmart Shooting Gang Initiation

As we reported yesterday, many people across the country have been alarmed about a walmart shooting gang initiation text message which has been traveling around. Let us reassure you again that the walmart shooting gang initiation fear is irrational. Police departments have been receiving calls from worried persons questioning the validity of the text message… Read More »

Joel Sokol Georgia Tech Predictions

DOWNLOAD THE BRACKET According to Joel Sokol of Georgia Tech, UNC is slated to win the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament this year. Joel Sokol Georgia Tech along with associates have devised a statistical formula which has successfully predicted the winner of the tournament in the past. There have been numerous models used for attempting to… Read More »