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An activist that is currently holding persons hostage at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland is receiving attention worldwide as the public waits to see how the situation unfolds. The activist, James Lee, is believed to be armed with some sort of explosive device and possibly a gun. His online website,, documents a list… Read More »

Nancy Salas Found Alive, Entangled in Web of Lies

A Glendale, California student that mysteriously disappeared after leaving her family’s home for a morning jog Wednesday has been found unharmed in the city of Merced in Northern California. Officials organized a search party Wednesday to search the area where Nancy Salas, a former UCLA student, was known to jog, although were unable to come… Read More »

Douglas Spink – Twisted Business Endeavours

Douglas Spinkr, a former entrepreneur turned cocaine smuggler is facing some serious charges after officials in Washington invaded his farm which was purported to have catered to individuals looking to have sexual intercourse with animals. Spinkr is currently behind bars for violating his parole in charges stemming from his cocaine trafficking endeavours. During the raid,… Read More »

Goldman Sachs Scammed Investors

Investment firm Goldman Sachs is once again in the spotlight after the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed suit against Fabrice Tourre, the giant’s vice president, and the firm itself for apparently defrauding investors. The firm forged a $15 million dollar deal with Paulson & Co, a hedge fund which cherry picked securities backed by… Read More »

USA Swimming Sex Scandal

A recent 20/20 interview documenting the details of an apparent sex scandal within the USA Swimming organization has left many in a state of utter disbelief. Molestation and prying are but two of the accusations to come from former and current swimmers, including Brooke Taflinger, who was interviewed for the 20/20 piece. Talflinger was among… Read More »