Scott MacIntyre – American Idol Contestant

Scott MacIntyre, a unique finalist among the other 12, has literally captured American hearts. Scott MacIntyre is unfortunately blind, yet he has proved himself exceptionally talented when it comes to singing. Scott MacIntyre made in on the show in Phoenix, Arizona, where he performed “And So It Goes” for American Idol judges. Scott MacIntyre is a 23-year old, educated pianist whose risen above his disabilities and really proven himself. During the auditioning stages, all 4 judges approved of Scott MacIntyre’s singing and thus allowed him to progress to the next round. As if being blind wasn’t enough of an impediment, Scott MacIntyre also had kidney problems some two year back. He required a transplant and was luckily provided a kidney by Patricia Cosand. Apparently, Mrs. Cosand’s husband was at one time Scott MacIntyre’s piano teacher. You can say that in the 23 years he has been living, Scott MacIntyre has had a bunch of different obstacles to deal with, yet he has managed to triumph over most of them. It’s very obvious that Scott MacIntyre is an extremely talented individual who has potential, and we look forward keeping up with him during the American Idol competition. If you have anything you would like to share about Scott MacIntyre, go ahead and leave a comment below.

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