Matt Giraud – American Idol Finalist

Matt Giraud, among the top 13 finalists for season 8 of American Idol, has been accused of looking nearly identical to Taylor Hanson Hanson, part of the ‘90s phenomenon “Hanson” was never part of the American Idol competition. At a very young age, however, him along with his brothers were able to gain mainstream attention with their addictive song “MMMbop.” We can’t quite tell whether Matt Giraud will follow in the same footsteps as Taylor Hanson, however, preliminary findings report that he is well on his way. Matt Giraud is a Kalamazoo resident that has made his way to the top 13 group of finalists thanks to the support of American Idol viewers. Matt Giraud is a professional singer as well as a piano player. Residents from his hometown have embraced in hopes of catapulting him to the American Idol title. Matt Giraud’s boss back home has asked that fans be diligent in calling in their vote to ensure Matt Giraud nicely progresses throughout the competition. We have to agree that he is exceptionally talented and rightly belongs along the other members in the final 10. We will have to wait and see how far Matt Giraud is able to get in this fierce competition, however, it looks like he will pull through quite successfully. We will be keeping tabs on his progress and ask that you check back here for updates on Matt Giraud.

One thought on “Matt Giraud – American Idol Finalist

  1. Kalamazoo Fan

    Hey just an fyi for Matt G. fans – I tried two hours straight from my cell only got through once (cell in one hand, landline in other)
    got through for two hours straight on my landline. I think in the small town of Kalamazoo populated mainly by students with all different phone extensions(269, 616, 978, etc) the cell phone towers get jammed really easily. So if you want your votes to count if you can’t get through on your cell get to a landline.
    I think Matt probably had many missed votes due to cell phone towers being jammed up. Just my opinion. Also, Matt just go back to soulful blues like the judges want! Keep them happy and on your side. Later if you want to develop other areas then you can. Good luck!

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