Lil Rounds – American Idol Contestant

Lil Rounds is one of the lucky top 13 finalists on the popular show American Idol. Lil Rounds is a 23 year old hard working mother form Memphis, Tennessee. Many idol judges, including Randy Jackson, saw a striking resemblance between Lil Rounds and Fantasia. This is good news as we all know just how well Fantasia did in her run with American Idol. Lil Rounds garnered enough votes from viewers to grab a top spot after singing the popular Mary J. Blige song “Be Without You.” It should be anything bur surprising that Lil Rounds has made it this far into the competition. Upon competing her audition for American Idol, her performance was lauded by Simon Cowell as being amazing. Lil Rounds has insisted that Simon Cowell, although rough on some contestants, has the best intentions. Although she has never received negative criticism from the judges, it appears as though she would take it as constructive criticism. It’s not often you see someone that consider Simon Cowell to have the best intentions. We can only wait and see how Lil Rounds does during the exciting season of American Idol. Be sure to check back here for updates as they become available.

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