Kris Allen – American Idol Contestant

American Idol contestant Kris Allen won American Idol judges and audience members over when he auditioned with “A Song for You” at Louisville Kentucky. Kris attended the auditions with his brother, who unfortunately, did not make it into Hollywood. Fortunately, Kris Allen was able to achieve contestant status. Kris Allen is currently a student, and claims that his passion for singing has been present since his early childhood. He currently attends the University of Central Arkansas. Kris Allen did not specify what he studies at the university, or how we plans to continue with the show during his studies. Kris Allen has a growing fan-base on the popular social networking sites Myspace and Facebook. We can only imagine that as the show continues, the number of people who assemble around Kris Allen will only continue to accumulate. This page will be updated with any and all information pertaining to Kris Allen including news updates that outline his progress on the show. If you would like to enlighten our visitors about additional details surrounding Kris Allen, go ahead and leave us a comment below. Otherwise, check back later for updates!

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