Danny Gokey – American Idol Contestant

Danny Gokey is one of the more memorable American Idol finalists that many viewers will be able to relate with through the competition. During his initial performances, Danny Gokey’s circumstances were rather unique and extremely sad. His wife had passed for 4 weeks prior to his first performance. In performing his first song for the American Idol judges, he sang “I Heard Through The Grapevine” for them. Most viewers were extremely impressed with Daniel Gokey in respect to both his performance in the audition stages as well as his countenance, given the tough times he was facing prior to the auditioning period. Many have compared Danny Gokey to looking like Robert Downey Jr. What many viewers didn’t like is how American idol centered Danny Gokey’s story around the more negative part of his life. We look forward to keeping our eyes on Danny Gokey to see how he progresses in this competition. If you have any details that you would like to fill us in about, you can comment below. Check back for any additional details that become available about Danny Gokey as season 8 of American Idol continues.

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