Anoop Desai – American Idol Contestant

Anoop Desai is yet another lucky member of the group of 13 finalists that are now competing against each other in becoming the next American Idol. Anoop Desai auditioned for a spot on American Idol in Kansas City, singing the Boyz II Men hit “Thank You.” Anoop Desai received positive reviews from the judges and was allowed to proceed to the next stage of the American Idol competition – Hollywood. While all the judges agreed that Anoop Desai had a talent in respect to singing, Simon Cowell criticized Anoop Desai’s image as being “somewhat geeky.” That apparently hasn’t stopped Americans from voting Anoop Desai through to the top 13. Anoop Desai is one of the younger contestants on season 8 of American Idol, coming in at only 21 years of age. As with other contestants this year, fan clubs are forming around Anoop Desai hoping to help him secure the status of American idol. The youngster is a fan of rap music and is currently attending university in North Carolina. We will be keeping a close eye on Desai, as well as the other finalists in this current season of American Idol. Be sure to check back here frequently for any updates we may have on Anoop Desai. As always, if you have anything to add, go ahead and leave a comment below. Any additional information is worth a share.

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