Allison Iraheta – American Idol Contestant

Allison Iraheta compromises one of the younger, promising top 13 contestants on American Idol. Allison Iraheta is but sixteen years of age, but has, however, proven her ability to compete in the heated American Idol competition. Allison Iraheta trademark feature is undoubtedly her red hair, which undoubtedly makes her stand out from those she is competing with. Simon Cowell criticized Allison Iraheta during her February 27th performance of “Alone” for allegedly not having a personality. Simon, however, couldn’t help but agree that Allison Iraheta has an uncanny ability to sing. Allison Iraheta later responded to the comment, citing that Simon knows very little about her and is thus prone to making inaccurate judgments. Paula Abdul, one of the four contestants that compromise the panel of American Idol judges compared Allison Iraheta to Kelly Clarkson, a female singer who won the show during its initial seasons. Allison Iraheta does not think her age will have an affect on her chances at winning the show. We will be following Allison Iraheta in the weeks to come to see how she matches against the other contestants in the show. We hope she proves to us that age will not have a negative affect at her performance in the show!

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