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  People say they could never be bored with the Shanghai nightlife. Is it true? When we look around, we find Irish, American, Chinese, Australian and even Chinglish pubs and we have an ever-growing modern and fashionable club scene. But how many authentic English pubs are there in Shanghai right now? Perhaps only one - the British Bulldog. And Bilingual Time is going to give you an inside look at this pub.
  Opened a year ago, the British Bulldog pub offers not just a place to drink and eat, it also brings the cultures and traditions of English pubs to the city. Located on South Urumqi Road, near Shanghai's nightlife hotspot Hengshan Road, the British Bulldog is one of the area's newer additions. It aims to provide visitors with a traditional English pub experience.
  The button-backed benches, the painted wooden tables and the stained-glass windows all give the pub with an authentic atmosphere. Along with music by British bands from the '70s and '80s and the old-fashioned fireplace, all of these elements transport you to a place that is quintessentially "English".
  If you aren't much of a drinker or come here by yourself, then head upstairs to find your favourite game. You can choose among darts, pool, dominoes, cribbage or table football, or you can simply watch top sports matches on the big screen and relax. Also, there is a private room on the third floor for gatherings of friends and small parties.
  Of course, the bulldog needs something substantial to put the bite on, and the food here does not veer into the realm of fusion, but sticks firmly to the traditional and hearty. The pub offers steak and kidney pie, fish and chips, bangers and mash, Cornish pasties and set meals. Chefs have been trained abroad to ensure diners enjoy meals with a real flavour.
  The pub also features top British beers, which are quite different from Chinese beers, including delicious McEwan's ale, for which it has an exclusive supply deal. Beamish and Boddington's stouts are also on tap. In keeping with the British tradition the Bulldog hopes to emulate, this is just a friendly local pub with affordable beer. So schedule a night for the Bulldog, grab a beer there and put yourself in the island nation for a while. This is England!
  A Chat with the Pub's Owner
  Chris Cooper, an English man with experienced hands on the beer pump.
  Bilingual Time: Who named the pub "British Bulldog" and why?
  Chris: Myself. The British Bulldog is a sign, and is one of the most potent and endearing symbols of England. It is characterized by tenacity and dogged determination.
  Bilingual Time: What's your idea of the Shanghai nightlife scene? Is it more challenging?
  Chris: Well, it is still developing. But I am sure it will be crazy in three or five years. Right now, business is becoming harder, the competition here is fierce.
  Bilingual Time: What made you open a pub? What is the attraction of working in a pub instead of another business?
  Chris: I was previously a mine engineer, it was very different from what I am doing now. When I came to Shanghai, I found there were a lot of bar resources. I got an opportunity at a bar a few years ago, then I gave up my major and started to dig into this business. Being a businessman is difficult - you have to take care of everything.
  Bilingual Time: Do you enjoy living in Shanghai?
  Chris: Well, okay. I have been here for about 12 years now. I have travelled a lot and I would say Shanghai is the best place and the worst place. My family is here now.
  Bilingual Time:Any future plans for you and your pub?
  Chris: Make the pub better. But anything could happen, maybe open another pub, or move to another country, perhaps.
  Bilingual Time: Do you have anything to say to our readers?
  Chris: We are authentic! Come and spend money in my pub! (Laughing)
  《双语时代》:是谁为这间酒馆取了“British Bulldog”的名字?为什么?
  克里斯:是我。“British Bulldog”是一种标志,是英格兰最强有力和令人喜爱的象征物之一。它具有坚韧和意志坚强的特点。
  1. Opening Time: 11am till 2 am (the next day)
  2. A pint of McEwan: RMB45;
  Tiger: RMB20.
  Other drinks: About RMB40/person.
  Set Lunch: RMB55/person.
  Dinner for two around RMB200.
  3. Address: A1 South Urumqi Road, Shanghai.
  Reservations: (021) 6466 7878
  1. 营业时间:上午11点到次日凌晨2点
  2. 酒水:McEwan 45元/品脱
   Tiger 20元
  3. 地址:上海市乌鲁木齐南路A1